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Make it easier for your team to work away from the office with our document management systems

The spread of Corona virus means that increasing numbers of businesses are looking for practical ways to make it easier for staff to work from home. Businesses which still rely on paper-based systems are likely to find the transition harder to deal with. However, here at PDM we provide a wide range of document management systems, designed to make accessing information and collaboration whilst away from the office as simple and efficient as possible.

Document management designed to help you run your business – no matter where you are

From data capture and scanning services, through to hybrid mailboxes and specialist services for schools and legal firms, we offer a range of flexible, cost-effective way to take control of document management. Moving to digital document management not only makes working from home possible, it can also free up staff time whilst helping you save on money and office space.

Transferring your paper documents into a digital format is simple and starts with our scanning service. We have the expertise to digitally scan documents of all types and sizes, from correspondence and financial documents, through to archives and architectural plans.

Once documents have been scanned and digitised, the information within them can be captured in a level of detail which meets your individual requirements. The resulting digital documents are fully searchable and will be stored in a fully secure online ‘cloud’ or in the management system of your choice. Your team will be able to find and access the information they need regardless of where they are, helping to ensure that working away from the office is practical and efficient.

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