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The implications of GDPR for HR Departments

Document management solutions for HR Departments

Electronic document management solutions are widely used by human resources departments, offering a cost effective way to manage and store searchable employee records. However, as a result of the new GDPR regulations, it is likely to be necessary for many organisations to consider additional categorisation of records if they are to meet their data management and protection obligations.

The new GDPR regulations give employees the right to find out which data their employer processes, why it is processed and where it is stored. With this in mind, HR departments will have to find a way to manage this change, with the categorisation of HR records by type and an efficient HR records management system likely to be the most effective solutions. It is now also important for employers to have an effective method of finding and removing information, as well as a process to manage when data is deleted, for example when an employee leaves the company. In addition, systems will also need to be established with the aim of removing data if requested by an employee and which the employer has no legitimate reason to store.

Take control with document management solutions from Pro-Doc

Our online document management solutions offer the ideal way for HR departments to store data securely, ensuring information is found quickly using an efficient quick search tool. We can also help you categorise data in order to suit your requirements, ensuring you meet the new GDPR regulations both now and in the future.

Here at Pro-Doc we offer a wide range of document management solutions which are designed to be tailored according to the requirements of different organisations. Whether your records are currently in a paper format and need to be digitised, or you need to find a way to improve data security and management, we have the expertise to help.

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If you would like to find out more about how our document management solutions could help you meet your GDPR obligations whilst improving efficiency and cutting costs, why not get in touch to discuss your requirements?

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