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While many businesses have embraced the benefits of moving from paper to digital documents, the majority either haven’t taken maximum advantage, whilst a significant number still haven’t tried going digital at all. As a result, thanks to the significant changes to the ways many of us have had to work as a result of the current pandemic, a number of document management trends have emerged.

Important document management trends:

  • Cloud computing is proliferating at lightening speed: although the benefits of cloud computing have been widely recognised for some time, the current pandemic has forced many businesses to come onboard for the first time. All that’s needed is an internet connection and cloud computing enables access to the files and documents you need, regardless of where you are. This has enabled the countless numbers of people who are now working from home to access information, collaborate with colleagues and share data – all at the touch of a button.
  • Changing workplaces call for a mobile-friendly environment: there has been a recent and significant demand for document accessibility away from the traditional workplace through a range of online devices such as smartphones and tablet. Whether driven by the challenges we currently face – see previous bullet point – or a trend which would have emerged regardless, increasing numbers of end users are making the most of mobile technology to access work-related information.
  • Improvements in security: as it becomes easier to access and share data, an unfortunate by-product of this is a rise in cyber crime. Although securing content will remain a significant challenge, a wide range of highly-effective security solutions are available, designed to provide the protection businesses need.

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