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Save time and money with PDM Mailroom Services

With many businesses having to find smarter ways of working to address the difficulties of team working with staff spread far and wide, discovering strategies to make life easier is becoming increasingly pressing. Sending and receiving mail is one aspect of the new way of working which can prove difficult to manage. Here at PDM our hybrid Mailroom Services are designed to make managing outgoing and incoming mail as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Outgoing hybrid mail services

Sending mail is easy with PDM Post! Our PDM-Post portal does all the work: letters are simply uploaded, either individually or en-mass, by the user and this can be done in a range of formats including Microsoft Word or PDF. To eliminate the expense of incorrectly addressed items, all post codes are validated before they are posted and once items have been sent, verification of posting is received using the PDM-Post portal. Finally, notification is end if any letters are returned as undelivered, whilst a copy of each letter is stored securely in the PDM-Post portal.

Incoming hybrid mail services

Receiving and distributing incoming mail can prove particularly challenging when staff are working from home or in a number of different locations. Our incoming mail service offers a cost-effective solution to this as mail is collected from a dedicated PO box, before being delivered to our fully secure production centre.

Hard copy mail is opened and digitally captured, before being sent directly to your PDM-Post portal inbox, from where it can be downloaded and then integrated into a system of your choice. In addition, as a further option, mail items can be named and sorted according to your requirements; whether this is the date received, details of the sender or the individual recipient.

Get in touch with PDM to find out more

If you would like to find out how we can transform the way you send and receive mail, get in touch with PDM by calling 01274 883459 or email info@pro-doc.co.uk

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