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Save time and money with our specialist services for legal firms

Legal work often means having to invest time and money copying legal documents. In addition, copying costs can be difficult or even impossible to recoup when calculating fees for a case. Here at Pro-Doc we provide a number of specialist services designed for legal firms, providing an efficient way to save staff time, whilst cutting the costs associated with printer cartridges, toner and paper.
By using our specialist legal service you’ll have an efficient way to accurately record the costs that come with copying legal documentation.

Put a stop to time-consuming in-house photocopying

Time is money so it’s essential that you have access to a safe, secure and reliable legal copying service. At Pro-Doc we provide our legal clients with an exceptionally fast turnaround on all legal copying, from court bundles through to conveyancing documents.

Get in touch with PDM to find out more about our services for legal firms

The specialist legal services we offer are designed to offer a reliable, effective way to capture, store and manage legal data. If your legal practice is finding it hard to cope with the cost and management of large volumes of paperwork, why not get in touch to find out more about our services? Not only will our specialist legal services help free up valuable time, they also offer a more efficient way to accurately pass on the costs of document copying directly to your clients.
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